The goal of my current project is to foster trust in AI by increasing transparency of how AI was created and deployed. Currently we are talking to customers and create first concepts. Follow this link if you want to learn more about this project.

A cornerstone of IBM Design is our commitment to the creation of excellent user experiences. We have been selected as a Winner in the German Design Awards 2022 in the Excellent Communication Design — Interactive User Experience category.

The IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog, wins a 2021 Red Dot Award in the Brand and Communication Design: Interface and User Experience Design category. 

The 98-member of the 2021 iF jury evaluated various projects based on the strength of the idea, aesthetic form, functionality, distinguishing features and overall impact, and decided that WKC deserved an award in the App/Software category.

SPSS Statistics is one of the most widely used statistics applications, first developed in 1968. The latest redesign has focused on simplifying the UI and providing beginners with an easy onboarding experience.

At IBM, our Sponsor User program is one of the key components in our Enterprise Design Thinking framework. Arin Bhowmick (Global Vice President & Chief Design Officer, IBM Cloud and Cognitiv Software) describes how we build lasting connections with users to improve our product experiences.

Modern enterprise companies produce an unfathomable amount of information every single day. Storing this data, either on-premise or in the cloud is one of the largest expenses most companies face.

At UBS Think Tank Y, young scientists are thinking about the future of the bank. Who are we? What can we hope for? What should we do?

The world is changing every nano-second, so we need people with imagination who make sure we do not simply accept our future, but decide it for ourselves.

I studied Communication Design at Bachelor and Master level in Konstanz, Germany. Since then I created several Brand and UX/UI concepts. Here you can download my portfolio with a small selection of projects that were created during the last years.